News Features

The Commuter Parking Benefit is Seriously Hurting Cities,” by Benjamin Schneider. CityLab, 09/18/2017.

Getting Unstuck: Washington, D.C., is Notorious for Congestion. Can Smarter Pricing Provide a Way Out of Clogged Highways, Packed Parking, and Overburdened Mass Transit?” by Helen Fessenden. Econ Focus, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Fourth Quarter 2015.

A Transportation Planning Degree Combines Sustainability, Transit and City Development,” by Tracy Krulik. Washington Post Express, 03/14/2016.

Commuters Don’t Stop Driving to Work Unless You Take Away Free Parking,” by Eric Jaffe. CityLab, 02/16/2015.

U.S. Transit Commuters Just Got An Early Gift for 2016,” by Eric Jaffe. CityLab, 12/16/2015.

Graduate students Andrea Hamre and Kyle Lukacs awarded 2015 Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship,” Virginia Tech News, 08/27/2015.

Citizen Scholar award winner Andrea Hamre has deep-rooted commitment to public service,” Virginia Tech News, 04/30/2015.

Eight Virginia Tech Graduate Students Receive Citizen Scholar Awards,” Virginia Tech News, 04/17/2015.

PGG’s Andrea Hamre, Sarah Halvorson-Fried, and Anna Erwin – Citizen Scholar Recipients,” Virginia Tech Metropolitan Institute, 03/30/2015.

The Problem With Paying People to Bike to Work,” by Eric Jaffe. CityLab, 03/18/2015.

WTS-DC Congratulates the 2014 Scholarship Winners,” Connector-News from WTS-DC, 02/2015

All the Ways Germany is Less Car-Reliant than the U.S., in 1 Chart,” by Eric Jaffe. CityLab, 02/04/2015.

A Majority of Americans are (Technically) Multi-Modal,” by Eric Jaffe. CityLab, 10/17/2014.

Free Parking Trumps Transit Benefits, According to Virginia Tech Study,” by Martin Di Caro. WAMU, 08/04/2014.

The Danger of Commuter Benefits for All,” by Irvin Dawid. Planetizen, 08/03/2014.

It’s Amazing How Many More Commuters Would Drive Less if They Didn’t Get Free Parking,” by Eric Jaffe. City Lab, 08/01/2014.

Paying Commuters to Get on Their Bikes is Not Enough,” by Ralph Buehler and Andrea Hamre. The Conversation, 07/14/2014.

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